My Fitness Journey - what can I say?  It has been a long one.  A journey full of ups and downs.  Most of those ups and downs has been my weight!  I was always thin and athletic at least until I had my children.  Then it seemed as though the weight just woudn’t go away.  No matter what I did.  So fast forward to when I decided to make a change.  A  REAL CHANGE!  A co-worker (or two) told me about a physique transformation contest that intrigued me.  I decided what the heck I would do it!  In the middle of this challenge I had another co-worker who was an extreme skeptic say to me …..”If you believe that will work then I have ocean front property in Shelbyville, KY that I will sell you”.  Needless to say that fueled a fire deep within me and I set out to prove her wrong.  And I did!  It turned into a catalyst for changing other peoples lives as well.  Although I didn’t win the contest I did place 3rd in the competition for my age and category. And discovered my love of group fitness and the camaraderie and relationships that it brings.  


As the years passed my old habits creeped back in and along with those habits the weight creeped up.  I muscled up and did it again and got back to my goal weight.  I was feeling good and had a boat load of energy.  Then life threw me for a loop! My mom got sick, my kids wanted to move back to KY (we were in TX) and the weight crept back up.  Even though I was teaching multiple class formats at the local YMCA I just seemed like I couldn’t get a handle on what I know considered to be my “menopause weight”.  


So here I am - teaching classes part-time and getting ready to embark on a journey of intermittent fasting and clean eating.  So, with that said…would you like to join me?  Maybe we can do this together.  Share our successes and our struggles.  because there is no such thing as failure!  You have to fail to succeed so lets cheer each other on to success.  Whatever your goal, whatever your dream, let’s do this together.  Success is much more rewarding when shared with others!