Purpose Driven Life

A little about me - I am a child of God. That is how I identify myself. However, to those close to me I am Mom, Nanny, Honey, Friend and Goofball!  My closest friends are my children. What drives me is to leave a legacy of Love and Faith for my children and my grandchildren!  To my friends - I am a hot mess and I don't know how they put up with me. But I believe their life might be a little boring if I wasn't in it. 

Why would you want to follow me or even get to know me?  Because I am a fun-girl. I love Jesus, I love my family (all of them). What you see is what you get. So come on along with me and let's do this thing together!  The more the merrier!!


My backstory- I retired from civil service after 30 years I miss my job sometimes- but really do enjoy what I do now.  I work for our local Chamber and thoroughly enjoy being a part of the community.